Sugar Snap

The Sugar Snap (sweet pea) is a plant whose origins lie between the Mediterranean and part of the Middle East, to south-west Asia. Its scientific name is Pisum sativum L. They can be consumed fresh or frozen and have an excellent postharvest life. Sugar Snap (Sweet pea) is a cross between English peas and snow peas. One of the most relevant characteristics of Sugar Snap (sweet peas) is that they are a food rich in proteins and carbohydrates, with the presence of low levels of fat, in addition to being an interesting source of fiber, vitamins A, B and C, being the vegetable with perhaps the greater contribution of thiamine (vitamin B1) and iron. Likewise, the presence of water-soluble fiber in its fruits promotes good intestinal function and helps eliminate saturated fats.


Boxes 2.0 kg, 4.5 kg or 10 lb.